Is Clean Air the Key to Happiness?

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Research carried out by The University of York found a “significant and negative association” between life satisfaction and air pollution. The study took life satisfaction data from the British Household Panel Survey and UK Household Longitudinal Survey and compared it with air quality records from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

The research suggests that the effect on well-being, caused by exposure to heavy air pollution, could be comparable to that of ending a relationship or the death of a partner.

This confirms the psychological cost of air pollution and how significant any substantial improvement in air quality would be.

These findings are particularly pertinent for those working or living in highly polluted UK towns and cities. Areas with heavy traffic flow have high levels of the toxic pollutants responsible for these negative effects. Individuals working and living in these areas are therefore most at risk.

As we spend most of our day indoors, at work or at home, it is vital to create an environment that protects us from harmful pollutants.

How to create a happy home or workplace.

Given the evidence, improving air quality in your home or workplace really could make you happier. For that reason it is important to measure your indoor air quality (IAQ) and take action to improve it.

The most effective way to improve the IAQ in your home or workplace is to install a high specification air purification system. Advanced systems, such as The Ingenious Air® System, filter the air to remove harmful pollutants, bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Breathing cleaner air will also improve your short and long-term health and general well-being.

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