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Top Complaints Received by FMs

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The International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) carried out a survey to find out about the biggest complaints that Facilities Managers (FMs) receive. The top three responses were in relation to:

  1. Temperature (68%)
  2. Restrooms (10%)
  3. Parking/grounds (5%)

68% of respondents said that temperature is the single biggest complaint they receive from building occupants -often on a daily basis. 16% said they receive a too hot/too cold complaint every single day!

A huge number of workplaces in the UK have heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment installed. So why are there still so many complaints about temperature?

The simple answer is that air conditioning can increase temperature complaints rather than solving them.

The survey clarified the type of complaints FM’s typically receive through-out the year about air conditioning:

  • 94% said that they received complaints of occupants being too cold
  • 21% said that they received complaints that the air conditioning was too draughty
  • One of the top complaints during summer months is that the space is “over air conditioned”.

In conclusion, the air conditioning systems installed to create a comfortable working temperature, especially during the summer months, are actually creating new complaints. Traditional air conditioning usually blows cold air outwards from a centralised wall unit or grille – sometimes directly onto occupants. This can create hot and cold spots, uneven temperatures and uncomfortable draughts. The result is some occupants feel too hot whilst others are too cold.

The Solution to Temperature Complaints

For Existing Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems:

  • Ensure equipment is regularly maintained to optimise performance.
  • Set thermostat and timer so that the workplace reaches the required temperature prior to employees arriving.

Installing New HVAC Systems:

When installing HVAC equipment in new or existing premises it is important to ensure that the system:

  • Maintains even temperatures throughout with no hot or cold spots.
  • Does not create an uncomfortable draught.
  • Has timer functionality.

The award winning Ingenious Air® System can create the perfect indoor climate. It is a modular induction air distribution system that can incorporate heat recovery ventilation, outside air ventilation and high specification air purification.

The system uses the unique induction method or air delivery; air is gently and continuously distributed via a series of discreet air outlets. This helps to create a comfortable and productive working environment. Temperatures are even and consistent … and there are no draughts!

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