Draughty Air Conditioning

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Workplaces across the UK are plagued by draughty air conditioning!

Employees are subjected to sitting in a cold blast of air, from a system designed to keep temperatures “comfortable”!

Many air conditioning systems blow air directly outwards from a centralised grille or wall unit. This can make the person in the air stream feel uncomfortably cold, while their colleague nearby still feels too warm. This can lead to disagreements over temperature control.

Did you know there is another option?

The award winning Ingenious Air® Small Duct System works differently to solve the common challenges often associated with other air conditioning systems.

The system uses induction to gently and evenly deliver treated air (i.e. air that is cooled, warmed and/or purified) via discreet air outlets. This energy efficient and effective air movement pattern means there are no hot or cold spots and virtually NO draughts! Temperatures are comfortable and even, usually within 1°C of the thermostat. Each person in the room is warmed or cooled at the same rate and the required temperature is reached more quickly.

To find out more about the draught free Ingenious Air® System, or discuss improving thermal comfort in your workplace, call one of our dedicated advisers today: 01268 544 530 / 0800 731 6352
Or email: info@ingenious-air.co.uk

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