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The Importance of Temperature in Retail Stores

In a digital world, retail stores need to compete with the convenience and ease of online shopping. Their focus needs to be not only their physical product offering and transaction, but the whole shopping experience. It is this experience which can encourage customers to shop in store rather than online and to spend more time browsing.

“70% of consumers prefer to browse in store rather than online” (Ref 1).

So why are consumers increasingly making their purchase in a virtual store rather than a physical one?
According to a survey, one of the top five shopper complaints is: “Shops being too hot”. Unbearably hot shop floors and stuffy changing rooms are not inviting. It does not encourage consumers to browse leisurely and try items on. It does not provide the best experience.

“…better environments lead to better experiences for people and that leads to better economics for retailers.” World Green Building Council (WorldGBC)

However, it can be difficult to create the ideal shopping environment. Retail stores are often large open spaces, which can be difficult to evenly and consistently heat or cool. Even with air conditioning, natural stratification causes heat to rise and settle at ceiling level. This will result in uneven temperatures with hot and cold spots.

In addition, the varying level of footfall can make maintaining a comfortable temperature difficult. It will result in different heat loads at different times and heat being lost through open doors.
The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) has also advised that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can also impact the shopping experience. These includes factors such as humidity and volatile organic compound (VOC) levels.

The Ingenious Air® System can create the perfect thermal environment for retail stores.

The system has a unique air movement pattern; warmed or cooled air is gently and evenly delivered, via unobtrusive air outlets, positioned discreetly in ‘out of traffic’ areas in floors, walls and ceilings. Treated air is not blown directly onto customers and there are NO draughts!

The system has a natural de-stratification action. Heat that normally rises and is lost at ceiling level is re-distributed down to where it is needed at floor level. This ensures that temperatures are even, with no hot or cold spots.

In cooling mode, the system removes more moisture from the air. This reduces the relative humidity, creating a more comfortable environment. This eliminates the complaint of ‘stuffy’ shops and changing rooms.

The Ingenious Air® System offers an optional air purification module which significantly improved IAQ. The high efficiency air purification module neutralises all three types of serious indoor air pollutant, which can lead to short and long-term ill-health.
• Airborne bacteria and viruses (0.001 microns) that cause infectious illnesses. These include influenza, colds and c.difficile.
• Airborne particulates that cause allergies. These include pollen, fungal spores and dust mites.
• Airborne toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause short and long-term ill-health. These include nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, fumes and unpleasant odours from paint solvents, car exhausts and cleaning fluids.

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Ref 1: Tomorrows FM (2016) ‘A Hot Topic for the Retail Sector’

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