Modern Air Conditioning for Listed Buildings

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Listed and historic buildings often have several obstacles to overcome when considering installing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment:

  • Maintaining aesthetics
  • Fulfilling strict building regulations and restrictions
  • Preserving the fabric of the buildings

The Ingenious Air® Small Duct System helps to overcome all of these issues.

Maintaining Aesthetics

There are no bulky and unsightly wall mounted units, large grilles or radiators. Air outlets are unobtrusive and stylish, positioned discreetly in ‘out of traffic’ areas in walls, ceilings and floors.  A wide choice of colours and compositions mean they blend seamlessly into any existing décor.

Strict Building Regulations and Restrictions

Listed buildings are often subject to strict building regulations. These restrictions make any modifications, including installing HVAC equipment, difficult. Any changes must be in keeping with the existing décor and minimise any building work or structural changes.

The Ingenious Air® System has multiple positioning options and flexible, smaller sized ducting. This makes design straightforward and installation easier. Ductwork can fit into smaller spaces that are too restrictive for standard ducting. This reduces the need for any building works or structural changes.

Preserving the Fabric of the Building

If you have a listed building, The Ingenious Air® System can help preserve the building fabric, and valuable items within. The system has a natural de-humidification effect in cooling mode. Lower relative humidity helps reduce condensation and prevents the conditions that encourage growth of mould and mildew.

The induction air movement pattern creates even temperatures. This ensures that no part of the building is subject to potentially damaging direct blasts of cold or hot air.

Adding the high specification air purification module further protects the building interior against harmful indoor and outdoor pollutants, including dust. Neutralising soluble salts in the air helps protect the fabric of buildings, and reduces the decay of precious historical items such as tapestries.

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