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How the Ingenious Air® System compares to other air conditioning systems

Like most fixed air conditioning systems, The Ingenious Air® Small Duct System is an energy efficient way of providing heating and cooling. Unlike these other systems The Ingenious Air® System has a wide range of optional modules which can also provide functions such as air purification.

The Ingenious Air® System does however differ from other cooling and heating systems. Most traditional air conditioning systems, such as high wall units or four way cassettes, usually blow air outwards from centralised grilles or units – sometimes directly onto the people below. The Ingenious Air® System has a unique air movement pattern and clever design which results in Warmed or cooled air being gently and evenly delivered. Treated air is not blown directly onto occupants and there are NO draughts!

It has a natural de-stratification affect which creates comfortable temperatures without any hot or cold spots. Heat that normally rises and is lost at ceiling level is re-distributed down to where it is needed at floor level.

In cooling mode, the system removes more moisture from the air. This reduces the relative humidity, meaning you can feel comfortable at higher temperatures. This helps resolve common office arguments, over workplace temperature, between men and women which often occur when system such as four way cassettes or ducted units are installed.

Compared to most other traditional air conditioning systems, The Ingenious Air® System is discreet and can blend beautifully into any interior décor. The small air outlets come in a huge range or colours and designs and can be positioned discreetly in ‘out of traffic’ areas in floors, walls and ceilings.

The clever design of the Ingenious Air System means that all serviceable parts of the system (apart from the thermostat) are located away from the occupied room. Whereas when servicing traditional systems, such as high wall units of four way cassettes, the engineer will need to access the unit to carry out checks and clean filters. This can be difficult and disruptive if units are located over employee’s desks.

For any easy comparison guide use our table below:

Ingenious Air® System
High Wall Unit
Four Way Cassette
Ducted System
Portable Unit
Can provide cooling
Can provide heating
Can provide air purification
Virtually draught free
Discreet in appearance
Even temperatures
Energy efficient
Easy to alter positioning at a later date
Easy to add functions at a later date
Easy non-disruptive maintenance

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