Ingenious Air Small Duct System warranty cover

  • One year limited warranty cover
  • Applies only to system components. I.e. the heat exchanger, air handling unit (AHU), EPC motor, EPC controller, EPC circuit board and PWM controller are free from defects in workmanship for one year from date of purchase and does not include connections, attachments, and other products or materials furnished by the installer.
  • Applies only to the first purchaser at retail and excludes any damages caused by changes, relocation to, or installation in a new site.
  • Does not cover any defects caused by failure to follow the installation and operating instructions furnished with the air handling unit, local building codes, and good industry standards. Failure to correctly install the air handling unit, or material related to the unit, may result in improper system performance and/or damages and will void this warranty.
  • The warranty is only valid if a regular, recognised maintenance regime has been carried out.  Find out more about our maintenance plans.
  • Any repair performed under warranty must be approved by The Ingenious Air Company for this warranty to be valid.
  • The Ingenious Air Company is not liable for any other damages, personal injury, or any other losses of any nature.
  • The liability of The Ingenious Air Company is limited to and shall not exceed the cost of replacement parts and shall not include transportation to and from the factory, and field labour.
  • Replacement items to be invoiced/paid for and credited when warranty is accepted by The Ingenious Air Company.
  • This warranty replaces all other warranties expressed or implied.

Traditional systems warranty cover

  • The manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions will apply.

How to make a warranty claim

  1. Contact us to let us know you have a claim
  2. Return the warranty parts to:

The Ingenious Air Company
The Laindon Barn, Dunton Road, Laindon, Essex SS15 4DB

  1. Complete a Warranty Return Form and include the serial number, purchase date, and a detailed description of the problem.