Testimonials & Feedback

Honest opinions from some of our clients 

Of course we could tell us how great our systems are, but we think it’s better if you hear it from some of our clients:

“We had so many complaints about uncomfortable temperatures over the years that we had to do something different and resolve the issue once and for all. It has worked out very well.”David Metcalfe, Searchlight Electric Ltd.
“This is a Category One building in a prominent conservation area. Any alterations or additions to the exterior are strongly resisted. The small duct system enabled the leaseholder to install air conditioning without the need to put any plant outside the premises. The very creative design blended into the building fabric in combination with highly efficient small duct distribution.”Mr Mikael Rust, Landlord’s Surveyor, Luxury Apartments, Kensington
“The Ingenious Air Company’s system allows me to keep a comfortable temperature, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. Keeping the upper floors cool in the summer is particularly helpful for getting a good night’s sleep. The system is easy to use and blends into the background.”Mr PK Vaish, Home Owner, Macclesfield
“We had ceiling cassettes installed during an office refurbishment. Apart from the draughts they weren’t too bad in the summer. In the winter the staff complained bitterly of being too cold. The heat from the cassettes was not reaching their feet and they were uncomfortable. We had two small duct systems installed and straight away the problem was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.”Mr Alan Lewis, the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
“The two systems heat the factory well and distribute the heat evenly to all areas. This would have been difficult to achieve without using The Ingenious Air Company’s products. We especially appreciate the benefits on cold mornings.”Mr. Steve Smith, Owner, Alchrist Engineering Ltd, Essex
“The small duct system was the ideal choice for this project as a diverse range of air outlet vent plates in the walls, ceiling and floors were used to co-ordinate with the interior decoration of each room. Floor outlets were painted to blend seamlessly with the tiles.”Mr Andrew Holeshowski, Owner, AMM Construction Ltd
“All expectations were met. The aesthetics of the listed building were maintained due to the unobtrusive, draught-free and quiet small duct system. The library manager and staff are pleased with the environment provided by the energy efficient heat pumps.”Wandsworth Town Library, a listed building
“We had specified six mini duct systems previously and knew that this would be a difficult installation. The Ingenious Air Company worked directly with the client and needed little or no input from us for a very good outcome.”Mrs Grazyna Zielinska-Rust, Architect
“The Coffee Room is the oldest of the reception rooms at the Jockey Club in Newmarket and dates back to 1752. It is a highly glazed room with clerestorey windows and the iconic view of the bronze of Classic Derby winner Hyperion through imposing arched Georgian windows at the front. However these features make the room prone to overheating in summer which was limiting the Club’s use of their most iconic room.

The unusually shaped room was difficult to service with very little accessible wall-space, and only the tall ceiling through which to locate ventilation. The air outlets had minimal impact on the coved ceiling. The slim ducts were compact enough to fit in the existing timber roof structure without expensive or intrusive alterations. This delighted the Conservation Officer and the Club.

The Events Manager is pleased with the resulting environment in the room, which is appreciably cooler than before. This allows the Club to take bookings year-round. Previously they had to advise clients to avoid the room for large events in the summer months.”Mr Bob Senior, Consultant M & E Engineer, KJ Tait