Ceiling Cassettes and Suspended Units

Ceiling mounted air conditioning units are most commonly seen in
commercial applications.

There are two types of ceiling mounted units:

  • Ceiling cassette units
  • Ceiling suspended units.

Samsung Ceiling Cassette in Shop

Ceiling Cassette Units

With ceiling cassettes you do not see the whole system, only the fascia is visible.
Ceiling cassettes can be categorised depending on the number of different directions the air is emitted; there are four varieties:

Samsung 360 Ceiling Cassette

360 Air Supply

Four Way Ceiling Cassette

Four Way Air Supply

2 Way Ceiling Cassette

Two Way Air Supply

Ceiling Suspended Units

These are similar to wall mounted units, but are suspended below the ceiling.

For more details see wall mounted units.

Ceiling Cassette Applications

Ceiling cassette and ceiling suspended units can be used in the following systems:

  • Single split systems
  • Multi split systems
  • VRF systems
Under Ceiling unit

 You may need planning permission to install the outdoor unit(s), especially in a listed building. Please check with your local planning office.

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