Destratification Fans

Destratification is the process in which air is mixed to remove stratified layers of temperature. Heat that is normally lost at ceiling level is brought down and mixed with cooler lower level air.

Destratification fans run along side existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. They ensure that the heating/cooling supplied is circulated fully which creates a more even room temperature. This means that the heating/cooling source operaties more effectively and can run for less time, saving energy and running costs

The Ingenious Air Small Duct System provides natural destratification as a result of the induction method of air delivery. There is no need for additional third party components.

However, if you have a different air conditioning system (e.g. wall mounted units, ceiling cassettes and air blown heaters) then adding a de-stratification fan will improve any discomfort caused by thermal stratification.

Wall Mounted Units                                               Ceiling Cassettes

Wall Mounted UnitsCeiling Cassettes air

If you want to replace your current HVAC equipment, The Ingenious Air Small Duct System will create your most comfortable indoor climate.

In the meantime, de-stratification fans provide a useful solution to achieve more even room temperatures

We are distributors for the Airius destratification fan, winner of The Environment and Energy Innovation Award for Environmental Technology.

These innovative fans come in three types/designs in order to suit any application:

  • Standard Series
  • Designer Series
  • Suspended Series
Airius Standard FanAirius Designer FanAirius suspended fan

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