Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted air conditioning systems provide four climate control options for multiple areas:

  • Cooling only
  • Heating and cooling
  • Heat recovery
  • Fresh air ventilation

There are two types of ducted air conditioning system:

  1. Ventilation as the primary function with the option to add heating and/or cooling. An air handling unit (AHU) at the heart of the system conditions the air.
  2. Cooling and heating as primary functions, with individual room control. Several small fan coil units condition the air.

Air is delivered to where it is required via metal ducting. This is normally concealed in ceiling voids, bulkheads and walls. The ducting leads to a choice of air grilles, which supply treated air into the room.

Just like split systems and VRF, fan coil ducted systems (and AHU systems incorporating cooling) are usually powered by energy efficient outdoor heat pump condensing unit(s).

The best method of air delivery will depend on your project.

Options include:

  • Four way diffuser (or versions of)
  • Swirl diffuser
  • Linear grille
  • Exposed ducting
Ducted air conditioning systemsAir conditioning ductBoard room with ducted air conditioning system

 You may need planning permission to install the outdoor unit(s), especially in a listed building. Please check with your local planning office.

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