Office Too Cold?

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Are you feeling the chill in your office or workplace? As temperatures start to drop offices and workplaces can become uncomfortably cold. Employees often have no choice but to wear extra layers or use energy guzzling under desk heaters. However did you know that employers have a legal obligation to maintain a comfortable workplace temperature? The Workplace (Health, Safety and ...

Air Conditioning Grants & Funding

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Air Conditioning Grants and Funding for Replacement Projects Replacing your old inefficient air conditioning with a new, advanced system can greatly improve energy efficiency and heating/cooling effectiveness. But did you know that you can also save money on the installation as well as your energy bills? There are several schemes and grants available when improving the energy efficiency of your ...

Air Conditioning Units Compared

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How the Ingenious Air® System compares to other air conditioning systems Like most fixed air conditioning systems, The Ingenious Air® Small Duct System is an energy efficient way of providing heating and cooling. Unlike these other systems The Ingenious Air® System has a wide range of optional modules which can also provide functions such as air purification. The Ingenious Air® ...

The Easier Way to Replace Your Air Conditioning

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One of the biggest trends in the construction industry at the moment is green construction and sustainability. Recent legislation, government incentives and research have led to new measures being taken to design and construct new buildings efficiently and sustainably. Measures include developments and changes in the construction process, building materials and products. However, this is easiest to implement in new ...

Air Conditioning for Retail Stores

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The Importance of Temperature in Retail Stores In a digital world, retail stores need to compete with the convenience and ease of online shopping. Their focus needs to be not only their physical product offering and transaction, but the whole shopping experience. It is this experience which can encourage customers to shop in store rather than online and to spend ...

Comfortable Cooling & Heating for Manchester Offices

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Kendal Byrne Developments Ltd, the builders, needed cooling and heating for their client Washington Mill’s Manchester offices. Their client wanted a system that would create a comfortable, healthy and productive working environment. Found out how the Ingenious Air® System provided the perfect solution. Read The Case Study!

Draughty Air Conditioning

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Workplaces across the UK are plagued by draughty air conditioning! Employees are subjected to sitting in a cold blast of air, from a system designed to keep temperatures “comfortable”! Many air conditioning systems blow air directly outwards from a centralised grille or wall unit. This can make the person in the air stream feel uncomfortably cold, while their colleague nearby ...
Clean air

Indoor Air Quality in EU Building Law

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The European Commission recently proposed a revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). For the first time they have included indoor air quality considerations. It is thought this is as a result of recent campaigns and pushes by energy activists. This means that European Countries will be required to take indoor air quality into consideration when carrying out building and ...

Air Conditioning for London Architect

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Pollard Thomas Edward Associates, a large architect’s practice, needed heating and cooling for two conference rooms in their Islington office. Their key priorities were to find a climate control system that would: Provide comfortable heating and cooling with even temperatures and no draughts Blend unobtrusively into the clean lines of the office décor Improve indoor air quality for the occupants ...
Hot Office

Workplace too hot

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For those working indoors, in offices, schools, factories and shops, temperatures can become very uncomfortable. Overheated workplaces can result in “discomfort, stress, irritability and headaches… extra strain on the heart and lungs, dizziness and fainting and heat cramps due to the loss of water and salt.” (Ref 1) If employees are uncomfortable and experiencing these effects they are less productive ...