Comfortable Cooling & Heating for Manchester Offices

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Kendal Byrne Developments Ltd, the builders, needed cooling and heating for their client Washington Mill’s Manchester offices. Their client wanted a system that would create a comfortable, healthy and productive working environment. Found out how the Ingenious Air® System provided the perfect solution. Read The Case Study!

Draughty Air Conditioning

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Workplaces across the UK are plagued by draughty air conditioning! Employees are subjected to sitting in a cold blast of air, from a system designed to keep temperatures “comfortable”! Many air conditioning systems blow air directly outwards from a centralised grille or wall unit. This can make the person in the air stream feel uncomfortably cold, while their colleague nearby ...

Improving Indoor Air Quality

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Air quality is a topic which Facilities Managers (FMs) are increasingly focusing on. This is due to growing awareness surrounding the impact of exposure to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Last year The Building Engineering Association (BESA) commissioned a survey. It revealed that almost 70% of office workers believed poor IAQ in their workplace negatively impacted their productivity and well-being. ...
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Top Complaints Received by FMs

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The International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) carried out a survey to find out about the biggest complaints that Facilities Managers (FMs) receive. The top three responses were in relation to: Temperature (68%) Restrooms (10%) Parking/grounds (5%) 68% of respondents said that temperature is the single biggest complaint they receive from building occupants -often on a daily basis. 16% said they ...

NEW CASE STUDY Welsh Rugby Football Union Offices

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 NEW CASE STUDY! The office team at the Welsh Rugby Union offices in the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff were feeling uncomfortable and finding it hard to concentrate. Their new ceiling cassettes, installed during an office refurbishment, were creating a draught. Read our case study to find out how they eradicated uncomfortable draughts and created a comfortable working environment. Read The Case ...

Poor Temperature Control can be Costly

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Thermal comfort is vital in the work environment. It is governed by legislation and can also impact productivity. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, 1992, state that “employers have an obligation to maintain a safe and comfortable working temperature, for all employees, at all times”. They stipulate a minimum workplace temperature of 16°C (or 13°C if work involves rigorous ...

Air Conditioning Causes Weight Gain

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A recent article in a health magazine (Ref. 1) identified four of the main reasons that individuals (particularly women) may gain weight at work. One of the culprits listed is air conditioning! As discussed in one of our earlier blog posts, sexist air conditioning, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in the workplace are usually designed and set for ...

A Halloween Horror Story: The Under Desk Heater

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As soon as the temperature starts to drop, the electric under desk heater raises its ugly head. In offices it’s a particular issue, as not all people feel comfortable at the same temperature. In our previous post, Sexist Air Conditioning, we looked at the reasons why men and women often feel comfortable at different temperatures. This can be as problematic ...

Top 4 Air Conditioning Complaints

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As temperatures increase, workplaces can become very warm and stuffy. This can cause discomfort and lead to complaints. Employees can spend more time complaining about the temperature and as a result productivity is affected. Many offices, shops and other workplaces install air conditioning to prevent this occurring. This should keep the workplace nice and cool. All employees should feel comfortable, ...
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Maximum workplace temperature

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As Britain experiences a heatwave with temperatures exceeding 32°C, attention has been focused on workplace temperatures. For those working indoors, in offices, schools, factories and shops, temperatures can become very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, with temperatures and humidity as high as they are, it can be difficult to cool workplaces down. Opening windows and using fans can prove ineffective, as this often ...