Yes. You can visit our training room at our head office in Laindon, Essex to see the system in action or see a system working on a variety of sites in the UK. We also have a library of case studies to demonstrate its versatility. Please contact us for more information or to arrange a viewing.
Your project is designed to suit your own requirements and every project is priced individually. We can quickly provide you with a written quotation once we fully understand what you need. You can submit a project online via this website or contact us directly.
Our Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver systems are ideal for all applications, including commercial, medical, industrial, retail, laboratory and residential. They are perfect for new build and retrofits as well as listed and unusual buildings.
Yes. Our small vent systems are the ideal choice when upgrading the heating, cooling and/or air purification in older buildings. The mini ducts are easy to pull through walls, floors and ceilings with very little changes to the existing structure.
Our Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver models are mini duct, static regain systems. Pressure is created in the smaller supply ducts and converted to velocity at the outlets. This creates equal air flow to all the outlets and creates a draught-free environment with no hot or cold spots.  See our science behind the system page.
Small vent systems can provide humidification, dehumidification and introduce fresh air and can be used with high efficiency air filters. The constant fan option for air delivery helps eliminate conditions that promote mould and mildew. The powerful add-on HEPS air purifier efficiently uses photo-catalytic and ultra-violet technologies to create superior indoor air quality.
Yes. Up to 100% fresh air ventilation can be introduced into the air handler, either directly or via a heat recovery system. A pre-heater may be required for DX heat pump applications when introducing large amounts of fresh air.
Most filters on the market today can be matched to our small vent systems, including media filters, electronic filters and HEPA filters. The powerful add-on HEPS air purifier efficiently cleans the air and creates superior indoor air quality.
Yes. The Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver provide a complete comfort system. They can be used for heating, cooling, ventilation, dehumidification, humidification, filtration and ultraviolet air cleaning or a combination of all.
Boilers, dual-purpose hot water heaters, heat pumps, solar panels and geothermal systems can all be used as heating sources.
Single condensing units, VRF condensing units, chillers and heat pumps can all be used as cooling sources. Water-cooled condensing units have been used in shopping centres.
Accurate room-to-room measurements of heat loss and gains must be performed to ensure the correct size of unit is selected. Call us on 0800 731 6352 to discuss your requirements.
The supply duct work is all “small diameter” or “mini duct”. This is much more adaptable and creates more options for architects and builders. Duct layout design is easier because vent outlets do not need to be located on outside walls.

Our Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver systems condition the air differently from conventional forced air systems. Pressure is created in the smaller supply ducts and converted to velocity at the outlets using the Venturi Effect. This eliminates dust build-up within the duct work. Continuous air circulation from the constant fan easily filters dust and allergens from the air.

Our systems eliminate the hot and cold spots associated with conventional systems. Room air is continuously mixed from high pressure area to low pressure area. This creates even temperatures from floor to ceiling and is particularly beneficial in rooms with high ceilings.

To find out more general information about their applications, system components and your options for air outlets etc. please visit:

For your home

For your business

For healthcare and laboratory

No. The system is designed to use small diameter ducts and will not operate correctly with larger duct systems.
The flexibility of the system allows the air handler to be located in lofts, basements, crawl spaces and cupboards.
No. Our small vent systems maximise space; the modular air handler is conveniently hidden in the loft, cellar and cupboards, or above ceilings. Air outlets are small and discreet and are placed in out of traffic areas almost flush with the floor, wall or ceiling. All three locations are equally effective.
The outlets can be placed in floors, walls or ceilings. Placing outlets ‘out of traffic’ ensures a draught-free experience. All three locations are equally effective.
Yes. Discreet air outlets are available in many different types of compositions, plastic, metal and wood, which can be finished to match the surroundings. View our Pinterest boards for real-life examples or even design your own!
Please contact us on 0800 731 6352 / 01268 544530 to talk through your requirements or email sales@ingenious-air.co.uk.  Once we have an idea of the materials you want to use, the sizing of the outlets and their application we can discuss all your options and give you a price.  Gain inspiration from our Pinterest boards.
The pulse width modulation (PWM) zoning controller is unique and a true energy saving zoning control system. It works by slowing the fan motor as separate rooms so longer require heating or cooling.
Most 24 volt thermostats can be used with our small vent systems. Our unique control board makes wiring the thermostat to the air handler quick and easy.
No problem.  We work with a range of different controllers from the best manufacturers.  We always design a system bespoke to your needs, so talk to use about the other options available which will suit the needs of your indoor environment alongside the needs of your budget.
When designed and installed correctly the noise level is equal or less than a conventional system.
No. The sound attenuated ducting is designed to stop sound travelling through the system.
Yes. Humidifiers and heat recovery systems can easily be added. Up to 100% fresh air ventilation can be introduced into the air handler, either directly or via a heat recovery system.
Yes. The rapid response of the systems enable each zone to quickly achieve the desired temperature. This reduces the amount of time the heat source is active, saving you money. The running costs of the heat pump condensing units are far more cost effective than traditional gas boilers.
The system was Highly Commended in the Air Movement Product of the Year category of the H&V News Awards 2014.

The Ingenious Air Company also won the award for Most Innovative Company at this year’s Business Excellence Awards and (under the name Hi-Velocity UK Ltd) previously won the Best Business Start Up Award at the Business Excellence Awards 2012.

And… The Ingenious Air Company has been awarded a United Kingdom Excellence Award 2013 by the US Trade & Commerce Institute (USTCI).

Yes there are and believe it or not we have positive things to say about our competitors and their systems. The Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver systems are however, the only systems which can incorporate the HEPS purifier to offer a truly perfect indoor climate. We like to think our friendly service and expertise sets us apart too.

Maintenance FAQs

Just like with traditional forms of HVAC, planned maintenance ensures your investment will work efficiently for many years. The system has far fewer components and pipe work than older style systems so the need for maintenance is minimised. The Ingenious Air Company can provide your maintenance plan or this can be arranged locally.

Find out more on our home maintenance plan
Find out more on our commercial/industrial maintenance plan
Find out more on our healthcare/laboratory maintenance plan

Yes. Spare parts are readily available in stock in the UK via The Ingenious Air Company.

Training and CPD

We hope you’ve found our website useful but if you need to find out more we are always on the end of a phone or an email.  Call us on 0800 731 6352 / 01268 544530 to talk through any questions or email your enquiries through to sales@ingenious-air.co.uk.  Don’t forget we also offer free CPD presentations and training days.
Our FREE one day installation training course covers all aspects of how the system works and gives you the opportunity to experience the system at first hand. It is ideal for engineers and sales personnel.
We have a network of trained installers and well as our own installation team. If you have a preferred installer (an engineer, builder or plumber) they can attend one of our regular free installation training days.  This one day course is an opportunity for them to experience the system at first hand. It will cover all aspects of how our small vent systems work and the best method of installation.

The Ingenious Air Company

Yes we are always on hand to talk through your requirements.  You can call us on 0800 731 6352 or 01268 544530 to talk in person, or use our submit a project form.  Or you can email through drawings and requirements to sales@ingenious-air.co.uk
We want to develop a mutually beneficial long term working relationship with you, built on trust. We provide expertise, advice and free training, technical back-up and a full commissioning service to make life as easy as possible for all concerned.
Please visit our current opportunities page.
Yes we offer a supply only service.  In fact we are the only UK distributer of the Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver systems.  Contact us to talk through your requirements.
Lead times can vary depending on project and location, but can typically take 3-4 weeks.
Yes.  We have supplied (and installed) our systems in countries as far away as Doha. However, our Canadian manufacturers do have a distribution network so first check out www.hi-velocity.com to see if there is a distributor in your country.  If there isn’t, give us a call.