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For those looking for equivalent diameters for rectangular and round circular ducts, just click on our useful download here: Equivalent Diameters for Rectangular and Round Circular Ducts

Air Mix Calculator
Enter Outside Airflow:
Enter Indoor Airflow: Total Airflow
Enter Outside Temp: Enter Indoor Temp:  Mixed Temp
Common Conversions
Common Conversions
Enter J/S/KG: Equals: BTU/h/lb

Enter SQ FEET:
Equals: SQ Meters
Enter SQ Meters: Equals: SQ Feet
Enter MM: Equals: FEET
Enter SQ Inches: Equals: SQ Feet
Enter SQ FEET: Equals: SQ Inches
Enter FEET: Equals: MM
Enter PSI: Equals: Ft of H20
Enter PSI: Equals: HG
Enter GPM(US): Equals: Litres per second
Enter BTUH: Equals: Watts
Enter WATTS: Equals: BTUH
Enter DEG C: Equals: DEG F
Enter DEG F: Equals: DEG C
BTUH calculator
Enter EAT: Enter EWT:
Enter LAT: Enter LWT:
Enter CFM: Enter GPM:
Motor Sizing Calculator
Motor Sizing Calculator
Enter OZ, FT Needed:
Motor RPM:
Enter % Drive Loss:
BHP Needed: