Green Credentials

The Ingenious Air Small Duct System is kind to the environment in multiple ways:

  • Carries a Low Carbon Footprint – Multiple control zones (up to eight separate time and temperature control zones per system) mean that one system can replace up to eight fan coil units. This significantly reduces the overall carbon footprint for manufacturing, storage, delivery, installation and ongoing maintenance.
  • Sourced from a green supplier. Energy Saving Products Ltd, based in Edmunton, Canada, specialise in energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology.
  • Option to add the high specification air purification module. This can reduce the fresh air requirement, meaning there can be a reduced requirement to bring in outside air. Less energy is used heating in-coming air.  It also eliminates build-up of mould and dirt on evaporator cooling coils and heat exchanger surfaces. A cleaner system is a more efficient system. This also reduces maintenance requirements.
  • Fully compliant with Part L (conservation of fuel and power) Building Regulations.