Saves Time & Money on Maintenance

Maintaining the Ingenious Air Small Duct System is generally easier than maintaining other systems. You can reduce time, costs and carbon footprint:

  • Maintenance is straightforward, with common parts across all models.
  • There are fewer components overall to maintain, which reduces time and costs. The risk of leaks, corrosion, scale blockages and creaking pipes is reduced as there is less water and refrigerant pipe work.
  • The Air Handling Unit (AHU) is the main component that requires maintenance, with one AHU replacing up to eight fan coils. This reduces the amount of maintenance required so carrying it out is easier. The AHU internal components are easily exchanged.
  • Clever design reduces disruption as the AHU can be located in convenient places away from occupied or sensitive areas. All serviceable parts except the thermostat are installed outside of the occupied areas. This:
    • Keeps businesses running during maintenance and is especially useful for hotel bedrooms.
    • Provides easier access and means more works can be completed during normal working hours.
    • Allows engineers to work with fewer restrictions and not waste time waiting for access.
  • The air purification module keeps coils and ducting cleaner and improves long term efficiency. Dust build up in the ductwork is eliminated because the plenum is pressurised.

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