Simple Design gives Greater Flexibility

  •  Simple design and smaller, flexible ducting make it possible to air condition buildings where it was previously impossible. This can help solve your planning permission issues and provide the solution for unusually designed and listed buildings.
  • Flexible, smaller sized ducting makes design easier. Ductwork can fit into smaller spaces, which are too restrictive for standard ducting. The makes altering system design during installation less necessary; unforeseen obstacles can be easily by-passed by the installer on site.
  • A choice of plenum ductwork shapes and sizes help the installer work around obstacles, without affecting system performance and air delivery rates.
  • There is no requirement to drop down ductwork in size as the ductwork plenum is pressurised throughout.
  • The modular Air Handling Unit (AHU) can be sited in a choice of locations, orientations and combinations. You can hide it in the roof space, basement, machine room, cupboards or ceilings – away from working or secure and sensitive areas.
  • The induction method of air delivery allows flexible air outlet positioning – vertical (from ceiling or floor) or horizontal air distribution.

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