Simplifies the Installation Process, Reducing Time and Costs

  •  User-friendly, simple design increases flexibility and makes installation quicker and easier.
  • Fewer components simplify the process, reduces material costs and installation times, and helps keep to build schedules.
  • Retrofit projects can be installed area by area to ensure continued use of the building.

Air Handling Unit (AHU)

  • One AHU replaces up to eight fan coil units.
  • You can site the AHU in a choice of locations, orientations and combinations away from working or secure and sensitive areas. These include the roof space, basement, machine room, cupboards and ceilings.
  • Multiple AHUs can be paired together on larger projects to work in harmony.
  • In many cases, the positioning of the AHU can be altered prior to installation. This is without having to make major changes to the plenum design.


  • Straightforward plug and play fittings make installation easier.
  • Pre-cut, known resistance assembled flex lengths of patented small duct and built-in sound attenuator save time and materials.
  • A choice of plenum ductwork shapes and sizes allow you to avoid obstacles without affecting air delivery rates.
  • Flexible, smaller sized ducting fits into areas too restrictive for standard ducting.
  • The sound attenuated mini-duct comes in flexible 3m lengths allowing flexibility in air outlet placement and alteration.
  • Fewer structural changes are required as mini ducts are easily pulled through walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Static regain means you are not required to drop down ductwork in size. The ductwork plenum is equally pressurised throughout.

Air Outlets

  • The induction method of air delivery gives greater freedom for positioning air outlets. Air outlets can be sited in ceilings, walls, bulkheads, pillars, floors giving increased installation flexibility.
  • The rough-in-boot can be extended if outlets need to be moved into thicker walls.

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