Air Handling Unit

The modular air handling unit (AHU) is at the core of the system. It is connected to a sustainable heating/cooling source such as a heat pump, solar panel or high efficiency boiler. It draws air from a central point in the building through a return air grille and duct. Air is treated as programmed to:

  • Heat
  • Cool
  • Purify
  • Mix with up to 100% fresh air – directly or via a heat recovery system
  • De-humidify
  • Humidify

The AHU comes in three model sizes, depending on project size and air flow required.

Mounting Options

The AHU can be conveniently hidden in a choice of locations. Positioning away from the conditioned, occupied area reduces the cost and disruption of carrying out maintenance.

  • Attic space
  • Basement
  • Utility room
  • Machine room
  • Cupboards
  • Above ceilings
  • Externally, in insulated weatherproof housing.
  • Commercial – warehouse, in corridor etc.

Multiple configurations are available with over 32 viable configurations per model.

AHU Positions

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