Discreet Air Outlets

There are three types of air outlet, depending on the finish and style you require. These can be mixed and matched.

Circular Outlets
Linear Grilles
Drilled Outlets

Air outlets are positioned discreetly in ‘out of traffic’ areas in walls, ceilings, floors and bulkheads. In kitchens and bathrooms, they can be installed in the kick space under the counters. This frees up valuable wall and floor space, allowing you to make the most of your interior.

Using the maximum recommended number of outlets per system gives the best system performance. Residential projects usually require more outlets than commercial projects to keep air flows at a lower level.

The system’s method of air delivery constantly and gently circulates the air to maintain room comfort. This allows more options for outlet placement.

Correct air outlet positioning ensures heating and cooling is virtually draught-free, responsive and achieves an even temperature throughout the room. Each outlet has an effective induction of 5.49m and causes the air to constantly circulate. Outlets are therefore positioned so every part of the room is a maximum of 4m from an outlet.

The maximum Watts per outlet = kW of heating/cooling source ÷ no. of outlets.

If you change the layout of the room after the initial installation, re-siting the position of the air outlets is quick and easy. It is also much cheaper than moving radiators or air conditioning cassettes.

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