Circular Air Outlets

Circular outlets are stylish and discreet. They blend beautifully into your interior design and layout, whether modern or traditional. They are available in a wide range of colours, styles and compositions including plastic, metal and wood. White outlets can be painted the colour of your choice to perfectly match your colour scheme.

They have a 50mm (HV) or 72mm (HE) aperture and are positioned in ‘out of traffic’ areas in walls, ceilings and floors. This frees up floor and wall space as there is no need for radiators, large grilles and unsightly wall mounted units. For the best cost, installation speed and visual results we recommend using the larger (HE) size outlet where possible.

Circular outlets are highly versatile and ideal for buildings needing a more sensitive solution, such as listed buildings. If room layout changes after installation, re-siting the outlets is quicker, easier and cheaper than moving radiators or air conditioning cassettes.

Bespoke circular outlets can be designed specifically to match your requirements. Please contact us for more information. Prices for bespoke outlets start from £75 each.

Air Outlets

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