Flexible Mini Duct

The air handling unit is connected to the main ductwork plenum. The plenum connects to small flexible ducts called mini ducts. The mini ducts terminate in discreet air outlets positioned in ‘out of traffic’ areas in floors, walls and ceilings.

There are two sizes of mini duct, HE (72mm diameter) and HV (50mm diameter). The air flow from one HE duct is equal to two HV ducts of the same length.

The pressure is equal throughout the supply plenum duct. This means that each mini duct outlet supplies approximately the same air flow and kW of cooling/heating as similar sized outlets on the same system.

Any combination of HV ducting, HE ducting, and drilled outlets can be used, following the minimum and maximum outlets as per the unit selection.

Mini duct is supplied in pre-cut, known resistance assembled standard 3m lengths, with built in sound attenuation. It is pre-packaged with the corresponding size take off, dust cap, rough in boot and air outlets. Fittings are straightforward plug and play.

HV Mini Duct

HE Mini Duct

Outlet size
50mm 72mm
Outside diameter of mini duct
114mm 125mm
Supplied as
3m assembled flex duct 3m assembled flex duct
Minimum radius of bends
152mm 178mm

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