Plenum Ductwork

The air handling unit (AHU) is connected to a supply ductwork plenum. The plenum connects to small diameter, 3m long flexible ducts called mini ducts. The mini ducts terminate in discreet air outlets positioned discreetly in the walls, floors and ceilings.

The route of the plenum ductwork is dictated by the required position of the air outlets.

The Ingenious Air Small Duct System is a static regain system. The same static pressure is maintained throughout the plenum duct, so there is no need to reduce plenum size to maintain duct velocity. There is also no requirement for post-installation balancing and no need to locate air outlets on outside walls in central locations.

This makes design and installation easier than with other systems.  It gives increased design and positioning flexibility for the AHU and air outlets.

However, the duct can be reduced if this is required.

Plenum DuctworkPlenum Ductwork

Plenum Shape

A choice of plenum shape enables fast installation:

  • Snaplock – site assembly ductwork with adjustable elbows, supplied in 1.5m lengths. Best for residential projects.
  • Spiral – solid circular ductwork supplied in in 3m lengths. Best for commercial projects.
  • Spiralite – lightweight phenolic foam duct with excellent thermal properties and external and internal foil lining. Best for when drilled outlets are on show.
  • Bespoke rectangular metal ductwork – the cross sectional area is the same as the round duct that would have been used. The shape can vary on the same system to suit site conditions, providing the cross sectional area is maintained where required. Best for constricted void spaces.

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