How the System Works

The award winning Ingenious Air Small Duct System is a modular induction air distribution system.  One system gives you perfect indoor climate control for up to eight rooms.

The induction method of air delivery is energy efficient, simple, effective and well established. Treated air is continuously and gently distributed throughout the conditioned area via discreet air outlets. This has benefits compared with other systems. Other systems usually blow air outwards from a central ceiling grille or wall unit, sometimes directly onto the room occupants.

The system also has a natural de-stratification and de-humidification effect. Temperatures are comfortable and even, usually within 10C of the thermostat. Each person in the room is warmed or cooled at the same rate and the required temperature is reached more quickly.

There are NO uncomfortable draughts and hot or cold spots.

The system is paired with a heating/cooling source. There are multiple renewable technology options including heat pumps and solar panels.

Optional modules provide multiple functions to create your ideal indoor environment. You can choose any or all, depending on what you want the system to do. They can also easily be added years after the initial installation.

  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • High specification air purification
  • Humidity control
  • Outside air ventilation
  • Mechanical heat recovery ventilation

The optional High Efficiency Purification System (HEPS) module creates superior indoor air quality. The same technology has been used by NASA to protect astronauts in the space station. It cleans the air by removing airborne bacteria, viruses, pollutants and allergens.

Stylish and discreet air outlets free up floor and wall space. There is no need for radiators, large grilles and wall mounted units. The wide range of air outlet colours and compositions mean they blend beautifully with any interior design you choose.

A straightforward layout gives greater design flexibility and simplifies the installation process.

The system has multiple controls options, is compatible with the newest intelligent controls and easily connects to building management systems (BMS). Good thermostatic control saves energy, reduces costs and makes the indoor environment more comfortable.

Three model sizes are available. The speed control inverter fan motors allow you to size the system to suit your project size and the airflow required.

Typical System Layout:

System Layout

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