Benefits Compared with Other Systems

The Ingenious Air Small Duct System differs from other cooling and heating systems. The induction method of air delivery creates comfort. Each person in the room is warmed or cooled at the same rate, without feeling a draught.  The required temperature is reached more quickly and there are no uncomfortable hot/cold spots.

In 2015, a leading Far Eastern air conditioning manufacturer acknowledged that other air conditioning systems cause draughts:

‘Four-way cassettes tend to send the air out from the blades in four directions only, which means they can lose up to a quarter of the air volume… even air distribution removes cold drafts in rooms which is a common complaint from people living and working in rooms cooled with four-way cassettes.’

Other systems usually blow air outwards from centralised ceiling grilles or wall units, sometimes directly onto the room occupants. The air does not reach all areas evenly, so temperature is felt differently depending on where you are sitting. This can lead to arguments about the temperature control and explains why:

Ingenious Fact
Far Eastern manufacturers are striving to bring out ‘draught-free’ products as a new innovation. Small duct system have been doing this since 1983!

 Comparison Table

The Ingenious Air Small Duct System vs Other Systems

  • 74% of British workers argue with colleagues over air conditioning.
  • 72% of British workers feel their office never gets the temperature right, making them feel uncomfortable, cold and unproductive.

Uneven temperature distribution means the systems constantly ramp up and down to compensate for hotter/cooler areas. Sometimes, there is also a need for under desk electric heaters in the winter and desk top fans in the summer.

The Ingenious Air Small Duct System’s induction method of air delivery means that everyone in the room is heated or cooled at the same rate. The system does not need to ramp up and down. There is no need for under desk electric heaters and desk top fans as there are no hot and cold spots. This saves energy as the room only needs to be heated or cooled to the required temperature.

De-stratification occurs naturally as a result of the induction method of air delivery. Heat that normally rises and is lost at ceiling level is re-distributed down to where it is needed at floor level. This means less heat is wasted throughout the building. In heating mode, this natural de-stratification action keeps you comfortable whilst reducing the running time of the heat source.

In cooling mode, the system removes more moisture from the air compared with other cooling systems. This reduces the relative humidity, meaning you can feel comfortable at higher temperatures. This helps resolve the office arguments between men and women over the comfort cooling and helps employers meet Workplace Regulations. It also reduces the running time of the heating/cooling source, which saves energy and money.

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