Humidity Control

The Ingenious Air Small Duct System has a natural de-humidification action in cooling mode. Slower air movement across the cooling coils, compared with other systems, removes more excess moisture from the air. This creates a lower relative humidity.

Lower relative humidity helps achieve comfortable conditions at higher temperatures in cooling mode.  This helps men and women feel more comfortable, even on the muggiest of days:

Most women have a lower metabolic rate than men. They generally feel more comfortable at a higher temperature than is usually found in an air conditioned office. Reducing the relative humidity means that men can also feel comfortable at higher temperatures. This means that the office thermostat can be set at a higher temperature in cooling mode, and everyone feels comfortable. This can finally stop the arguments over the air conditioning controls!

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Benefits of De-humidification

  • Achieves comfortable conditions at higher temperatures in cooling mode.
  • Reduces the running time of the cooling source, which saves energy and reduces wear and tear.
  • Reduces condensation and prevents the conditions that encourage growth of mould and mildew.
  • Reduces the humidity that can cause decay. This helps preserve the fabric of listed buildings, and valuable items within.
  • Reduces humidity in specific environments e.g. humidity caused by Bunsen burners in laboratories.

Humidistat Optional Component

The humidistat is available as an optional component to the Ingenious Air Small Duct System.  It controls the system to operate as a de-humidifier.

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